Roopstigo is the revolutionary digital network that presents original sports content on demand for fans who demand more. As a website and app available for free on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire, Roopstigo allows you to choose the documentaries, stories, and animation that you want from our nationally recognized filmmakers and writers. Roopstigo rocks the way you experience sports by unearthing the content that moves you across its eight distinct channels.

Our renowned writers and filmmakers include best-selling author Selena Roberts, filmmaker Adam Kurland of ESPN’s 30-for-30 series, New York Magazine contributor and filmmaker Geoffrey Gray, and award-winning writer Pat Jordan, who has been cited seven times by The Best American Sports Writing anthology and is the author of “False Spring,” noted as one of the best sports books of all time.

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Selena Roberts

Founder and CEO

She spent 25 years in corporate media covering the most important sports stories and athletes of our time. In four years at Sports Illustrated, she wrote commentaries that were cited by the American Society of Magazine Editors and appeared in The Best American Sports Writing and The Best American Magazine Writing. She was also recognized for her news-breaking investigations, including Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use in 2009. From 1996 to 2007, Selena was a sports reporter for The New York Times and was honored by the APSE and Arthur Ashe Foundation for her work as a beat writer and columnist for pieces that illuminated the paradox of sport’s ability to hurt and heal.

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Nick Pendry-Aber

SVP of Advertising & Marketing

After graduating from Tufts University with a B.A. in International Relations, he worked at Fireworks Sports Marketing securing sponsorships and mainstream media appearances for various Olympic athletes and their related event productions.

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Taylor Armstrong

Lead Animator

Taylor's animation provides the canvas for roopstigo's satirical voice.

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Roopstigo is named in the spirit of Roops, a beloved golden retriever who was curious, mischievous and had a mind all his own. He loved sticks, but wouldn't fetch them. He liked jazz, but tuned out commands. He was a different kind of dog. What better ode to a pet than, well, to name a media company after him?