Published on May 14, 2013,

A Kissing Bandit’s Mystery 

In 1969, Morganna Roberts, not yet known as the “Kissing Bandit,” ran onto Riverfront Stadium’s infield and kissed Pete Rose. The act, simple enough, caused a stir in the reserved sanctum of Major League Baseball. But to the surprise of everyone, Morganna followed this up with repeat performances that spanned the next 30 years, planting her lips on over 50 athletes and being unofficially dubbed the first lady of baseball. However, despite her willingness to flaunt her 60-inch chest and embrace her own celebrity with late-night show appearances and news stories, Morganna kept her own life incredibly private. To do this day, the line between fact and fiction is blurred, making Morganna ever more fascinating. In this short documentary film, “Always Leave Them Wanting More,” director Adam Kurland takes a look back at this novelty act and attempts to find some clarity from the obscured path that Morganna left behind.

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