Producers:  Tom Ratcliffe, Dan McKinnon, Selena Roberts

Screenwriters:  Tom Ratcliffe, Dan McKinnon, Selena Roberts

Genre:  Biopic


Lopez Lomong was born in a small village in South Sudan and quickly became a victim of the Second Sudanese Civil War. Abducted at age 6 while sitting next to his mother in church, he was assumed dead by his familiy and buried in absentia. Nearly dying in captivity, he and three friends escaped from the rebels. The four ran for three days until they crossed into Kenya. Lomong would spend the next ten years of his life in refugee camps before being adopted by an American family. As a teen, he endured racism and culture shock, but persevered with love of his news famil. At each difficult turn, he found his escpae by running -- all the way to the American Olympic team. 


In pre-production.


Gored: A Love Story

Director:  Ido Mizrahy

Writer:  Geoff Gray

Cinematographer: Boaz Freund

Genre:  Feature


Known as the most gored matador in modern history, Antonio Barrera is a famous risk-taker who is retiring after one last season. Can he make it alive? With a romanticized vision of death in the ring and a cherished indentity as a bullfighter, Barrera tries to reconcile his obsession with a brutal sport against his love of a family who prays for him to survive a career at its end.


Gored made its world premiere at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Since then, it has been an official selection at Marfa, CPH:DOX, Hot Springs and won best documentary at the Raindance Film Festival in London.  

Web series

Healing Agent

Director:  Frank Belmont

Screenwriter:  Greg Marotta

Genre:  Unscripted drama



Directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Frank Belmont, Healing Agent is an unscripted series created by former pro athlete agent Greg Marotta. He travels across the country to catch up with former clients from the NBA and NFL and boxing who are struggling in the afterlife of wealth and fame. Greg reaches out to help the atheltes with the aid of psychologists and rehab centers to address their problems, from obesity to drug addiction to depression related to concussions.  


The episodes are distributed by Fandor.


Flex Pharma

Director:  David Salerno

Writer:  Selena Roberts

Genre:  Content series​


When we work with startups such as Flex Pharma, we understand how much work they have put into getting their consumer base but we always ask, "Do consumers get you?" You're cool, funny, weird and inventive. Tell them! For Flex, we tapped our filmmakers and writers to produce a content campaign across all platforms to tell the compelling story of the founder and his breaktrhough discovery. Whether in a 6-minute short or 30-second Facebook video, whether in written web content or native storytelling, we captured the authentic, accessible genius behind the company.